Dec 9, 2021

Crystal McCrary McGuire and Nicole Ari Parker

Nicole Ari Parker's "SATC" character is inspired by Crystal McCrary McGuire, former mayoral candidate Ray McGuire's wife.



And just like that… “Sex and the City” is back with a reboot, and new characters inspired by real socialite New Yorkers worthy of Page Six.

HBO Max premiered the “SATC” reboot, “And Just Like That….” on Thursday and introduced new character Lisa Todd Wexley — played by Nicole Ari Parker.

Wexley, we hear, is strikingly similar to Crystal McCrary McGuire — the wife of former Citigroup exec and mayoral candidate Ray McGuire.

In episode one, Charlotte (Kristin Davis) describes her prospective new socialite mom bestie, “LTW,” as “just so cool.”

“Everyone at school calls her LTW,” Charlotte tells her pals Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) over lunch.

Like the real McGuire — who has produced feature and documentary films — Charlotte describes LTW as “a documentarian and a humanitarian.” Also, “Her husband Herbert is an investment banker, who might run for mayor, and she’s on the International Vogue’s best-dressed list,” Charlotte gushes.


Crystal McCrary McGuire & Ray Sprinkle Pool


It’s practically ripped from McGuire’s unwritten memoir — except she’s never made a Vogue’s best-dressed list.

“I don’t consider myself that caliber of best dressed at all,” McGuire told us after attending the premiere.

Still, she’s “absolutely flattered” about the portrayal.

“Who wouldn’t want the gorgeous, talented Nicole Ari Parker to play a character inspired by them? I have been a fan of hers since ‘Boogie Nights,’ when she played the porn actress,” McGuire quipped.

Nicole Ari Parker and Kristin Davis as Lisa Todd Wexley and Charlotte York Goldenblatt on set of “And Just Like That…”

It also pays to have friends in high places. McGuire’s pal, Keli Goff, is a writer and producer on the production. Still, she said she’d only heard “rumblings that the character was loosely based and inspired by me. I’m so proud of my friend Keli, a black woman writer and producer on ‘SATC!’”

And while she won’t become the city’s next first lady come January, having a “SATC” character inspired by her fabulous Manhattan life is probably the next best thing.