Crystal has written two New York Times Best Selling novels and one non-fiction national bestseller.

Crystal McCrary McGuire - Gotham Diaries Book

Gotham Diaries

by Crystal McCrary and Tonya Lewis Lee

A hilarious first novel that provides a peek into the world of the super-rich, super-connected African Americans in Manhattan. Lauren is trying to be an independent woman, starting her own documentary film company, but it’s difficult when you’re married to Ed Thomas, one of the wealthiest African-American businessmen in the country — and particularly when he seems to have a roving eye. Manny is an up-and-coming gay real estate agent who arrived in Manhattan from Alabama with only the clothes on his back. He’s made his way to the top of his profession–yet he still wants more. Tandy is one of the ladies who lunch — but she’s desperate to reinvent herself and find a new source of cash flow. As we follow these three and other characters in this compelling first novel, we see the fascinating world of New York City’s upper-crust African American society with all their scandals, foibles and skeletons in the closet revealed.


If you think professional basketball is exciting, you will definitely enjoy this candid, semifictional account.

Library Journal

The insider authority carries the day…. Vicious, funny, juicy, with lots of antic real estate scenes.

Publishers Weekly

An Evocative & Gripping Tale.


Crystal McCrary McGuire - Inspiration Book


Profiles of Black Women Changing Our World

by Crystal McCrary and Nathan Hale Williams

30 extraordinary Black Women—including Michelle Obama, Soledad O’Brien, Shonda Rhimes and others—share their personal stories in this inspiring volume.

Whether in the White House or on the courts of Wimbledon, in Hollywood or on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House, these trailblazing black women have influenced the social, cultural, and political landscape of this country, and even the world. Speaking in their unique voices, luminaries such as Patti LaBelle, Venus Williams, and Susan Taylor share the challenges they’ve faced and the victories they’ve won throughout their careers.

Contributors include Iman, Misty Copland, Whoopi Goldberg, Mary J. Blige, Gayle King, Judith Jameson, and others. These women pass their knowledge and lessons on to a new generation of women in intimate first-person essays and stunning color portraits.


Crystal McCrary’s Inspiration features profiles of 30 dynamic Black women.


Inspiration examines achievements by women—many you know and others you should.

Black Enterprise

Inspiration is like diving into a master class of this generation’s most extraordinary women.

Serena WIlliams

The thirty African American women profiled in this book inspire us with their rich and varied gifts and world-changing accomplishments. In this beautifully edited volume, they serve as guides for our daughters and granddaughters and, indeed, for all of us.

Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr.


by Crystal McCrary and Rita Ewing

The headlines are all about the players — the superstars of the court, the heroes of the playoffs, and the winners of NBA championships. Here’s the flip side of the bright spotlight — the women who live in the shadows of the “great men.”

Casey Rogers is married to the New York Flyers’ star forward and captain, and Casey is “captain” of the wives and girlfriends club. Gorgeous, intelligent, and a top-notch member of a prestigious New York law firm, she’s still defined as the wife of the star, and when the pressure is on the team, it’s up to Casey to keep the ladies from adding any stress to the player’s lives.

New she’s dealing with the traumas of girlfriends loving and losing, her best friend in love with a player who’d rather hang with the boys, a wife agonizing over a secret past, the coach’s manipulative wife on her back, and a locker room full of scandals and problems. Caught in the maelstrom of the highs and lows of the games, the infidelity, the screaming fans and media, and boardroom maneuvering, Casey’s ready to explode. But she can’t let that happen…because the all-important players have to keep their focus on the game…or the game’s all over.


A richly hard-as-nails, largely African-American sports opera as only two legal-eagle insiders could write it.

Kirkus Reviews

…a juicy tell-all, inside look at the National Basketball Association.

Baltimore Sun

If you think professional basketball is exciting, you will enjoy this!  

Library Journal