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The roadmap for your child’s basketball journey from toddler to teenager and beyond.

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Where is the BEST place for your child to play basketball?

GameUp: From pre-k to high school, positioning your child to play at every level of their development. From classes to clinics to one-on-one training to beginner teams to travel teams to every level AAU team to middle school teams, to local, boarding, and beyond.

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As a veteran basketball mom, I regularly receive calls, texts, emails, DM’s from parents asking how to find the right team, program, camp, etc… for their children from every age to every level in every zip code.

I created GAMEUP to help parents navigate the maze of youth sports programs starting with basketball and rolling out guides for baseball, soccer, tennis and other sports soon.

When my kids were growing up, I spent so much time researching the best sports teams and programs. I knew the importance of matching the right program with your child’s particular needs and interest level. Still, the process was often confusing and frustrating. And expensive.

Over the years my family has gone through the drama of unreliable coaches, disorganized teams, and organizations that take your money with no intention of developing your child’s game.

Recognizing that there was an information gap in this space, I became more intentional in my research and data collection.  With GameUp, my goal is to provide ALL families with a reliable resource so they can navigate this complicated landscape.  

For my family, there was a lot of trial and error with an ultimately happy outcome. When my first born, Cole, became interested in basketball as a 4-year-old, I did not know how to find a program to help him develop the fundamentals.  As he got older and more advanced, I fumbled around searching for programs and teams to help him grow as a player.

Cole went through every type of basketball program in New York City.  From the ‘never picked up a ball’ team to the beginner teams like “Fastbreak”, to the more advanced ones like “Rens” and New Heights”, to the elite programs like “PSA Cardinals” to being recruited for college basketball at University of North Carolina to being drafted to the NBA by the Orlando Magic.

When my daughter, Ella, started playing a few years later, it became more challenging because there were even fewer programs available for girls. Ella also played for a range of AAU teams around the tri-state area before winning her high school state championship and being named New York State co-player of the year in 2020.  

By the time my youngest child, Leo started to compete, I had finally come out the other side of the youth basketball maze. All the researching I did in the past made for a much smoother progression and Leo just won the 2022 third grade AAU world championship.

As parents we all want the best opportunities for our children.  This site will save time, money and effort while helping kids get their games up and becoming their absolute personal best on and off the court!

Crystal McCrary McGuire



NYTimes Bestselling Author
• Creator of Nickelodeon Little Ballers franchise

Cole Anthony



Point Guard Orlando Magic
• Orlando Magic
• 50 Ways Foundation President
Kelvin Gardner

Chief Operating Officer

Kelvin Gardner

• Master’s Degree in Business Administration, UCLA Anderson
• Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, University of Oklahoma
• Strategy and Business Development at Universal Pictures,
  previously worked at Lionsgate Entertainment

Change starts in our communities

With youth basketball costs becoming more and more expensive for families, it’s time we level the playing field. Introducing the 50Ways-GameUp Scholarship Fund-because every young athlete deserves a shot. Visit link below to donate or sponsor.